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October 22, 2012
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Fireflies – Romano x Reader Oneshot

Written by Mushmallow
APH Belongs to Himuraya-sama
In this fanfic Feliciano and Lovino have parents just because it makes storytelling easier. Also the Hetalia characters in my stories are human to prevent confusion.

It was a typical summer evening. You'd decided to wear something cool as the heat of the day was still present. A simple red short-sleeved shirt and cream-colored shorts with leather flip-flops. The fireflies were out tonight and the crickets were chirping. The perfect time for a walk in the park.

There were people all over the place, some trying to catch fireflies with their children, and others using them as an excuse to get romantic. Speaking of romance . . you hadn't seen your crush at all today. The feisty brunette with the odd curl on the right-side of his head. He'd normally be at the Italian restraunt which his family owned.

Just as the thought of Italian food comes into your head, your stomach starts to growl. Great, you made yourself hungry thinking about the Vargas family's restraunt.

. . it was in this neighborhood.

You argued that they may be busy since it was a Friday evening. But . . you lost the argument. Because one, you were hungry and you knew for a fact that they liked you enough to give you a discount for a meal, and two . . you may or may not have crush on one of their sons.

You come to one of the edges of the park and see that indeed the Vargas Italia was cram packed. You thought again about leaving, and almost did. Walking down the sidewalk near an alley when the sound of your name being called by a familiar pair of vocal chords pulled you back down to earth.

"_____! Where are you going?" It was Lovino. The oldest son of the Vargas' . . and the one you had the biggest crush on.

"Ah Lovino! Um." you blush, just barely. "I was in the neighborhood and I thought I'd drop by for a bite, but . . I saw that you guys were super busy so . . instead of pushing my luck trying to get in I thought I'd come back another day."

The brunette raised his eyebrow inquisitively. What wheels were turning in his head. You had to admit that he looked . . really good in that worker's apron with the Italian flag on it. You saw his face and arms had flour on them. They must have him on dough [and/or pasta] making duties tonight.

"Come on in." he said. Wait . . did he mean here, through the backdoor.

"But, your other customers . ."

"I'm not waiting on you like a customer, I'm doing it as a friend. Come inside. I'll . . make you something between orders." He walks over to you and grabs your arm with his flour-caked hand.

"Lovino!" you shout. He pulls you in through the back door of the restraunt. His family had a flat above the establishment and that's where you were brought. You were sat down in the living room while Lovino went back downstairs to work.


You sat on the old couch for a long while, it seemed. Though it was only several minutes. "Mama, can-a I have another tea?" You turned around to see . . Feliciano in his pajamas. With a blanket around his shoulders.

"Feli, what's with you?" you ask.

"He's had his wisdom teeth removed." said a deep voice. You turn around and see Grandpa Vargas standing in the doorway to the family's kitchen. You were pretty sure Ceaser was his first name, but everyone who knew him didn't call him Grandpa Vargas, they called him Grandpa Rome. Because he came from Rome, Italy. "He can't get back to work until he's off the pain medications."

"But grandpa, I'm fine!" Feli almost tripped over his own two feet.

"Ah ah! Your not going down to that kitchen while you're taking stuff that makes you loopy!" He gave Feliciano a cup of milk. "and you know the rules Feli, no hot drinks . . cold liquids only"

"So . . wait, if Feli's up here, then who's doing the cooking?" you asked.

"Big Brother is." said Feli. "I wanted to help but he got angry at me and told me that if I didn't stay out of the kitchen he'd bonk-a me on the head."

. . Lovino was working all by himself. Oh no . . no you don't Lovi! You had planned on grabbing a bite and continuing your walk in the park but now . . you had a duty! "Thanks for the talk. Excuse me." you stand up from the couch and storm downstairs.

Grandpa looks down after you and smiles. "My other grandson knows how to pick his women."


"Lovino!" you shout. Walking to the place where the pasta and pizza dough was made. You had a fair bit of knowledge about how to make pizza dough because one night you decided to try it for laughs. Lovino looked absolutely stressed and irritated as you came into the back-room. Mr and Mrs. Vargas were out in the restraunt being good hosts and socializing with their customers.

When he heard you and saw you enter the room. "_____!?" he shouted.

"You're here doing all the cooking yourself!?"


"Well . . I'm here now, so tell me how to do this!"

"_____ I don't think . ."

"You hush! You're not doing this all by yourself." You give him 'the look' . . oh god 'the look'.

"F-fine . . hand me that sack of flour." you could tell he was blushing under that powdered face of his.


After a few hours of cooking and . . possibly throwing out your back the restraunt closed. His parents were shocked that you had volenteered to help their son in the kitchen without any pay. They tried to pay you, but you refused each time.

You and Lovi were now out in the alley sitting on the step to the storage room . . you guessed that it was about nine in the evening . . you still hadn't fully enjoyed your walk but after all that cooking you felt too tired to move.

"Hey bella." Lovino was sitting on your right-hand side. He looked like he was about ready to fall over he looked so tired. Having a bottle of water ready for consumption.


"I wanna ask you . . why did you help me today. You didn't have to." he turned his head to you. "Now we're both sore and tired."

You laugh. There was only one answer for this. "Because . . I wanted to help you. You and your family is way too nice and I never got to repay them. Or you, until today." you look down at your sandals. You had flour on your toes and legs.

At that moment you notice a flicker of light. A few fireflies had found their way down this alley. You remembered a lesson from a biology class when you were younger. And . . decide to restate it. "Lovino, did you know that fireflies perform this display when they try to find a mate?"

You look over at Lovino. He was drinking his water. "Mh-mhh" You guess that mumble of an Nuh-uh meant no.

Almost out of instinct you reach into your pocket and pull out your keychain, which had a small button-light push-and-hold flashlight. Your eyes don't leave his.


When he was done with his water he swallows it and looks at the light. Then, at you . . that look in your eyes wasn't the normal look you gave him. It was more . . soft . . and heated at the same time. He took a bit to put two and two together and then.

. . . .

His blush nearly rivaled the fireflies.


You push and hold the button again. You were waiting for a response. Lovino looked around for a suitable light source he could manipilate. The lamp over the back-door to the restraunt was enough.


He flipped the switch on. It would have been the most romantic thing . . had the light bulb not burnt out. You giggle as his blush got even redder. All hinting aside. Time for conversation was over.

You both looked at each other. Your faces painted different shades of red. You leaned closer to him, he leaned closer to you. You were all alone in a dim-lit alley. Not the most romantic place, but hey. At least the fireflies were still there.

You and Lovino pause as your lips were less than an inch apart. Before he swept in any closer, you could barely hear him whisper. "Ti-amo."

And the rest was history, as your lips crash over each others, in a passionate, and romantic kiss. And you could swear, in the dim light of the alley, that his curl, shaped into a heart. You both get so into the kiss that when it was over . .


You blush, this time from embarrasment. Lovino's eyebrow raised. After all that work, and after all this time . . you still hadn't had anything to eat.

Without any warning, the two of you started to laugh. Lovino smiling and laughing, that was a rare sight. He stands up and offers a hand. "Come on ____. I'll cook you something now, and this time, you can't help." he helps you up and kisses your hand.

You smile and kiss his lips briefly before walking back inside. "If you insist."

Inspired by: [link]
Notes: I do not take requests so don't ask. If it says Oneshot then chances of a part two are slim.

I enjoy comments a lot! But I tolerate no hating of any kind and all hate/troll comments will be blocked without a second look.

Now that THAT is done.


This is to all you Romano/Lovino/S.Italy fangirls
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