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January 23, 2013
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~~One Dance for Us~~
[Spain x Reader Oneshot]

I do not own Hetalia, Mr Himaryua has that under control. This is purely a work of fiction and has no hindering in the cannon storyline.


It was a rainy Saturday afternoon in the downtown streets of your old home town. The tourists had taken up all the parking places along the main street and every other immediate street surrounding it. You had moved back here and an apartment in a building close to downtown, which is why it was easier to get up and walk around without worrying about parking.

You passed by all your usual spots. You visited the occult shop, the bakery, and the book store. And still you were wandering. Wondering why else you were taking a walk in all this yucky rain. It hadn't really occurred or rung any bells as to why, but you'd soon remember. You found yourself walking by a dance studio.

A very familiar dance studio named Pilato Dancing. And the memories flooded back of your childhood and how, in your first year of third grade, your father put you through ballet lessons and piano lessons at the pressure and behest of your mother. Who thought you needed more cultured things to do than playing silly childish games with your 'weird' friends.

As it turned out those lessons backfired because thanks to her you met more kids who attended the classes that weren't thrilled of being there themselves. There was them, and then there was Antonio. Antonio was Spanish. He was the rare exception in the class in those days because he actually liked dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments.

Back then you remember he was possibly the brightest and happiest boy in the class. And almost nothing could drag him down. After your parents divorced your father didn't force you to go back to those lessons. And you never did. Not until now.

At first when you stepped inside, you didn't recognize anyone. And it seemed that the studio had seen better days. There was a class going on in one of the four classrooms, and even then there were only four people in there. Everyone else was nowhere to be found.

And then. You saw a ghost from your past. Only the ghost had grown up from a scrawny kid with untamed curly hair and a gap-toothed smile to a . . rather tall, ,handsome, good-looking, and emerald-green eye'd god. It took him a while to notice you standing there, and when he saw you standing there you just felt like hiding behind a . . . plant . . or something.

What you didn't expect or prepare for, was what happened next!

“_____!!” he shouted. His voice had gotten deeper but the enthusiasm was unmistakable. Yup! It was Antonio. But you had no time to think! He was HUGGING YOU!

You had never gotten such a large and . . forceful hug in your life. “Antonio!” you squeaked as you felt your lungs become deprived of air in his strong arms.

“It's good to see you again! I haven't seen you since . . .” he looked up to the ceiling as if thinking. “Since you dropped out of classes. That was nearly twelve years ago!”

“. . . .  -Antonio, can't breathe!” you gasp.

“Oh! Oops!” he releases his iron grip and lets you down with a grin. “What brings you back after all these years?”

“I moved back here, decided it'd be better to move closer to dad since he's in failing health.”

Antonio's smiling face became a face riddled with pity. “Oh ____ I am sorry to hear about your father. But I'm sure that he is in good hands.”

“Thanks Antonio, that means a lot.”

The two of you spend some time reminiscing about the days gone by. From the classes by Old Mrs Miles, The woman who was so strict about your dance pose that she had a ruler in tow to snap at anything she wanted straightened up; to the time when one of the rich girls tried to pick on you during break, and Antonio chased them off.

A few seconds of silence afterwards and Antonio unexpectedly grabbed your hands! “_____, you should dance again!”

“Huh!? Antonio, it's been ten years! I've forgotten everything, and I'd be in classes with children again!”

“No, _____, that is not true, there is a class for adults who wish to learn, I am it's teacher.” he smiled.

You process this information, one word at a time. Until you translated the important bits:

Antonio was a dance teacher. Antonio was a dance teacher for the adult class. Antonio was offering to teach you how to dance again?

“Oh, uh.” you attempt to hide your confusion and embarrassment brought on by this question. “ Why, I wasn't very good, and I only did it because my mother and grandmother wanted me to.”

Antonio gave you a pitiable frown. “No no, ____, you were very good! I remember this. Remember the girls that always bullied you after class, do you remember why they bullied you? They didn't like it that you were better than them, or stole the show from them!”

The two rich girls, right. To be honest you didn't really remember why you were singled out by them, you didn't think yourself that good a dancer. But you felt Antonio's green eyes bore into you, quietly awaiting your answer.

But before you could, the cuckoo clock in the room chimed. Signaling that classes had ended for today, and it was time to lock up. Antonio stands and helps you up. “_____, if you want, can I treat you to lunch?”

Again you process this information, Antonio, wanted to take you out, to lunch. You thought about saying no but then you feel your stomach growl, hell, you HEAR your stomach growl.  So:

“Um, sure. That'd be nice.” and the instant those words reached his ears he started beaming and smiling like an idiot.

“I know just the place!”


Antonio wasn't bluffing when he told you that he knew just the place. The moment you round the corner onto the street you remembered. The most awesome Hispanic restraunt in town was Las Chavellas. The owner was an old-friend of your father's and the food there was to die for!

Sitting down in a corner-booth with Antonio you both have the time of your life, although it was a little embarrassing because older people would come up to you and say that the two of you made an adorable couple! It got blushes out of you and Antonio anyway. When the food came to the table the first bite you took your eyes almost rolled into the back of your head, it was just as heavenly as you remembered  it to be.

The owner came out and it turned out that the same old man was still running the place, at his age! He too, gave the cute couple reference and you had to wonder if this was set up.

When the tab was payed for you both walk out of the restraunt two happy people. “I'm stuffed!” you exclaimed with a face of sheer content that one would usually state after being so close to a food coma.

Antonio mimicked your expression. “Si!”

Simultaneously you both decide to walk it off by going back to your apartment. Something was off though, Antonio was being too quiet. And you had slightly recovered from being overstuffed. “Antonio, something wrong.”

“Ah, no _____, I'm . . I'm fine.” he stuttered, there was something going on in his head.

“Antonio.” you say knowingly.

“Ah well, it's a, how do I put this.” he scratches his cheek. “In the restraunt, those people who thought we were a couple.”

“How could I forget? I mean what's wrong with having lunch with a friend I've not seen-”

He suddenly stops, and grabs your hand. Time seemed to stop, if only for a few minutes, or an hour, it was hazy. You turn to face him. He was looking down at the ground thinking, then just as soon as he was over the expression, he went back to smiling and looked up from the ground to you.

“_____, let's actually be a couple!”

“Huh!?” a blush explodes on your face!

“_____, I want to be your boyfriend~!”

This was sudden! This was unexpected! You held onto the street light next to you to stop from fainting!

“Antonio I, what-” you blush, you were about to say something negative- but then remembered earlier today when you first saw him, how much you realized how cute little Antonio had changed to older and handsome Antonio.

How you remembered him defending you from those rich snobs, how he was always smiling around you, and-

And you come back to reality, the smiling man was still there, holding your hand.

“_____, I promise, if it doesn't work out we can still be friends! But please, _____, can we, can we be more than just friends?”

Your heartbeat had increased over the course of the minute, your face was blush red, and he held your hand so tightly.

To him it seemed like eons before the answer finally came from your lips, and if he wasn't already smiling, he would be now!


“Really!?” His smile seemed to get even brighter.

“Yes! I said yes!” you fluster embarrassed.

The Spanish boy began laughing and, to your shock, crying of joy at the same time! But what came next would send shivers down your spine. He tango twirled you into his arms! And the naive cheery Antonio was gone, for a moment! Replaced with Antonio who looked at you with love in his eyes. “I love you _____.”

As cheesy as it was the words made you happy. There was little to no hesitation on your half either.

“I love you too, Antonio.”

The remaining few seconds pass like hours, but seeing as you were so close to your apartment he had to say goodbye somehow. The remaining gap between you two close, and you kiss. The kiss itself was sweet and spicy, and had a flavor all it's own. You'd think it would be because of the Hispanic food you two had but no, this was Antonio, this was his kiss, this was his flavor.

After you break the kiss, he walks you to your front door, you both kiss each other goodbye but before he goes.

“Antonio!” you shout after him.

“Yes my Bombon?” he said his term of endearment for you in his native language.

“I think I will take your offer up on the dance lessons!” you then see him somewhat frown and shake his head. You're confused for a second.

“No no! You won't be needing to come to the studio anymore, ______, I'm going to be teaching you privately.” and as he turned and walks away you stare after him.

Best . . boyfriend . . ever.
For all you Spain fangirls! Enjoy!
If you're not a Spain fangirl and you're reading this anyway, Enjoy!

*sits back and anticipates loads of spain butt/ass comments*

Notes: I do not take requests so don't ask. If it says Oneshot then chances of a part two are slim.

I enjoy comments a lot! But I tolerate no hating of any kind and all
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